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RK Persian cuneiform:

Historical: The oldpersian Cuneiform - not to confuse with the Babylonian cuneiform, which is a word script - is a soon form of a letteral script (or rather a mixture between letteral and syllabic script).

The Font: Because the oldpersian cuneiform contain more than 26 different signs, uppercase and lowercase letters look different.

The Files: The file pc_tab.doc contains a complete table of all the signs together with their ANSI-Code, pc_lay.doc the keyboard-layout and the file pc_signs.doc contains information about the assignment of the keys and about all the available signs. inscript.wri contains two inscriptions in oldpersian cuneiform and the file percunei.ttf contains the font.

Table of Signs:

The first syllable in each field is the Transcript of the sign, which is on second position. Afterwards comes the key, with which you can type the letter, and at the end there is the ANSII-Code for the sign (You can also enter the sign by pressing down the ALT-key and typing in the 4-number ANSII-code with the number block at the right of your keyboard and then releasing the ALT-key):

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